10 Extraordinary Tips for Blogging 2018 By Experts| Blogging Tips And Tricks

10 Extraordinary Tips for Blogging 2018 By Experts|  Blogging Tips And Tricks

10 Extraordinary Tips for Blogging 2018 by Experts:
There are so many list A bloggers there. We give you a handful of them to collect 10 tips that will help you take your blog to the next level.

Simply open your Instagram application and it's clear: there are many bloggers here. Influencers, sharing content on countless topics, from the Paleo diet to garden

furniture, the Internet captures every inch of real estate, travel tips and gardening. With bright photos and funny transcripts, it seems that they have found this. They are real bloggers, right?

Is there room for ambitious bloggers like you and me?

Short answer? Yes!

According to WordPress, around 409 million people see more than 23.7 billion pages per month. This is a lot of opportunities. If you want to enter the blogosphere (or increase the success of your established blog), then you feel that you need good luck to do so. But you do not need to buy a lottery ticket or work on a shooting star. You just need some expert suggestions.

Fortunately, we have it in a sword.

We have given lectures for you, we have spoken with the blogs of the Elite website and we have received your best advice. Consider these 18 tips, an inclusive guide to

the success of blogs, to some extent full of guidance from virtual consultants. This special blogger will give you clues about the key to successful blogging: how to shoot the ball, create quality content and dedicate yourself to a special blog environment.
10 Extraordinary Tips for Blogging 2018 By Experts|  Blogging Tips And Tricks
Blogging Tips And Tricks

Are you ready to become a better blogger in 2018? Keep reading!

1. It's About Time

Even before thinking about looking for a blog, with the goal of making money or just as a hobby, you must be real with yourself. Know your skills, as long as you are running time and availability.

"Successful blogs require time, dedication and some strategic planning," says the Powerhouse DIY Craft blog, Britney House of the Lars Belt. "If you do not have enough time to devote to me, then I'm not going to do it."

According to a survey of more than a thousand bloggers, it takes two and a half hours to make a normal blog post. The same study shows that four out of five bloggers write outside of normal "work hours" on weekends and nights. Translation: bloggers always travel; Blogging is your lifestyle, and it requires quality time to produce success.

And writing a blog post is just the beginning; In addition to creating content, bloggers must adapt to the search engines, spend time on social networks, interact with their content markets, networks and readers.

For the design of teacher Emily Henderson, running a blog is not a second-hand attempt.

Henderson said: "I have to make this a priority or not, it's not going to happen." "Now I have an employee who helps execute it every day, and we fill it with original

ingredients every day.

Not completely done, which separates amateur bloggers from professionals.

"I think the main mistake I saw in the new blogger was not completely completed, and they did," the district was the creator of the phenomenal blog One Good Thing, the Newstole district. "You can not do anything in the blogging industry and I hope to be successful, I think a lot of people start blogging, they publish some things in a few months and then they wonder why they do not have traffic." Commit to topics and schedule publications and show the readers, you who are constantly dedicated to providing good content "

2. Invest in a good Gadgets

When you decide to start a blog, use all the tools you have to move the ball. But when you are financially capable, your blog will benefit from the delivery of some professional equipment.

Nystul said: "The use of my blog clearly increases rapidly when I invest in real cameras instead of using my cell phone, which I did completely in the early days of my blog." "And it's not necessary to spend a lot of money, we still use the Canon rebellion, and it works very well."

Some other popular blog tools: WordPress, Adobe suite software, web hosting packages, email marketing software and useful add-ons. Put more professionals and your blog together, the more confidence you will get from the readers.

Ready to improve your WordPress blog? Get the right accommodation plan for a job

3. Your Mission (If you write it)

You have a great passion for blogs, huh? Well, first, take a break.

It is important that you understand several things first, for example, if your blog and what you want to do with it. Maintaining a kick-butt blog is a good goal, but let's dig deeper.

Have you ever heard a mission statement? This is usually used by companies to identify values, goals and objectives, usually in a few missing sentences. And that is important for the success of your blog.

Jayssen said: "I hope I can get my mission right away." "But I started at a time when bloggers didn't make money, and I didn't know it was a path that I might not

write to me. If you want to make money, you have different writing people to know what it's doing. Make it fun, that is what should be your content and who is your audience, for a focused mission statement. "

Let's look at some examples of mission statements.

  • Amazon: "Our vision is to be the most customer-focused company in the world, which can create a place where people can find anything and look for what they want to buy online."
  • IKEA: "Our approach is to do better day by day for many people. Our business ideas are designed in such a way that supports the notion that good and functional homes are very low in the price range of the products they offer as much. People will be able to pay them as much maybe. "
  • Nike: "Give inspiration and innovation to all athletes in the world."

Can you see that this brief description is used to guide how every business, even the smallest, follows important decisions? It works in the same way as your blog.

For example, create content.

The financial blog Editor said The Penny Hoarder and Kathleen Garvin marketing strategy, "we before writing a post, we ask, 'Does this help make or save money for our readers?" Important to us. We are content producers, but if we just want to publish stories that we believe are useful or interesting to our readers. "

A well-made mission statement will further motivate and guide you - but that will not limit your choices and content, structure and roadmap for sound. A few minutes of work for valuable results.

Great! At this time Start with words? Start by considering the following questions:

  • Why did you start blogging?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What questions do you want to answer?
  • What do you like?
  • How is your unique voice?

After this, try to organize this response into a few small statements that summarize your goals. Try the Twitter approach: describe your goals and objectives in 140 characters or less. You can also try this filling formula:

My mission is _______ through _______ to _______.

Pay attention to things: Make short and sweet corrections, grammar and spelling, but a special glossary is free, realistic, and focused. Then place it where you can see it, preferably in upper and lower case letters. If your goals change, look often and adjust as needed.

Want to know how much it costs to install a WordPress blog? You will be surprised!

4. This Only Starts

Obtaining top-level blog status may seem like a remote possibility. But every successful blogger starts somewhere.

"Production, production, production," Henderson said. "Leave your door perfectly and continue working. Get feedback without adjusting to continue. Don't make products or services and places, no one will feel no and go to rent. Start."

Start with practice to write to you every day. This will help you create habits that will make blogs easier.

For content ideas, try a brainstorming worksheet to collect ideas (you can do it on any device).

Designed for humans for design and lifestyle bloggers Erin tells Lokenr, "as often as you can write." "This does not mean it can be published as often as possible, get used to it, work on your trade, find your voice, it takes a lot of practice and patience, how to do it, sit down and write it, edit it later, post it later. For now, just write it."

5. Get Where You Go Later

If you are close to the block, then you know that blogs include two CSS that are very important: content and stability. These skills can be the most important key to success. We have discussed the importance of construction. Now, let's talk about stability.

It has been shown that companies that publish blogs twenty times or more a month, obtain the greatest gains in traffic and prospects.

Garvine said: "The common mistake of the first bloggers is not to publish constantly on the calendar." "Yes, this can be difficult, especially when you do not have a maximum number of readers, but it is important for SEO and it is important to build a community to build quality and continuous quality for our development, we need, as they say, if the material is king , then stability is queen! "

Watson Jameson from England found stability to successfully create his blog.

"I think one of the best things you can do as a blogger is to keep your content constant and consistent," said Jessen. "Even when I started nine years ago, even when I worked on my blog every day, stability made people come back because it did not surprise them if there was content or not." There was a main message, but to focus, I tried to express the best. What I want to focus on, it takes time to understand, but after doing it.

If you want to be an authorized person, to go to a specific topic, your readers must believe that your blog will have the necessary material. Your quality content, maintained published, will attract the following. Two CS are really very connected.

"Successes like photography, SEO, tips and tricks on social media are much more detailed for blogs, but I always tell bloggers that content is king," Nystul said. "This can mean different things depending on the theme of your blog, but readers will always respond to quality material, my team uses Co Schedule for our calendar and we like it, and it helps keep the same page every time we work remotely. of the other things that we like are slacks for messages, and Wonder to make ready to do .

There are many useful tools available online to determine planning positions and schedules.

The technology support site said that the founder Syed Balki of WP Bibinger, "the key is that you want to sit down, want to send and want to write all the time." "Edit the flow to plan blog posts in advance, such as Asana or Wordpress Plugins."

To reduce the current blog timeline, try one of the different online calendars or template worksheets.

6. Become Your Own Reader

When you want a successful blog, you really have to put it in a new pair of shoes: what is your reader, what is it.

When you write on a blog to share your passion, you should focus on the visitors of your blog and how your content can attract your needs and questions.

The Penny Hurder team has made complex and easy-to-read financial information into packages that are useful and easy to read and that make their content more functional.

"When people think of personal finance, they generally expect the content to be dry or boring," said Gervine. "Therefore, we do our best to make it accessible and fun, we write kindly, how to talk and we try to show that tone in all the media, and we believe in our readers, take it seriously." Emily Henderson's team adopts a similar approach for readers when considering the usefulness of their blog.

"With each publication, we want to be our own readers and ask ourselves: 'Will I find this interesting, useful, informative and beautiful?' "Otherwise, we will come up with different materials that we believe will be better for the audience," Henderson said. Of course, when you slide your keyboard, it's easy to forget that someone is on the other side. But by remembering that your reader produces, it will help you create interesting and useful content that attracts the attention of many people.

7. Think (Twice) Before Posting 

As soon as possible, you might be tempted to click "Send" immediately after sending the blog immediately.

"After the blog post was planned," said Balki WP Beginner, "a common mistake is not to see some of the best points from blog posts to ensure your visitors." Simultaneously read the search engine. "

To help you tailor content, prepare your publications for publications working on checklists (or complementary WPs) - Tools like good work - and make it attractive to search engines (48 percent) Consumers start cellular research with search engines) and readers. Take the time to make sure it is true referring to sources and not ignoring bright grammar errors (they are closed / there are no errors / errors). This extra time is a significant investment.

8. Talk About Yourself

This may seem ridiculous, but it's important to talk about you on your blog. And with this, we want to say: don't ignore my page about your blog.

This page is important to help readers know about you, your goals, and what you can find on your site.

"This is one of the most discussed pages on any blog, because it tells you who you are, gives your information and tells you why someone has to follow you, still be fun and personable. The Travel blogger Matthew Kirsten writes Expert Witness," Tell the reader Who are you! "

Instead of making a list of random facts about you, there is a useful statement that answers the following questions.

1. Who is your audience?

Visit me on the blog Kirsten, the expert of the Deputy Governor. On the "About me" page, he wrote:

"This is a place for people like you who are motivated to live a life full of inspiration and courage every day." For who? Check Kirsten clearly identifies the intended audience from your blog.

2. What value do you give to the reader?

See the penniy hoarder manifesto:

"We help millions of readers around the world get unique job opportunities, personal stories, free and other money by saving money and saving money."

Bam. Gavin and his team easily identified what they were offering to people who came to the site. In order to keep your audience involved, you must give value to your users.

3. What is the reliability of your blog?

You can share the site where your blog is displayed, such as WPBeginner on my page or testimonials from readers. Share why your content can be trusted.

4. Why are you obsessed with what you do?

However, it's no better to be surprised by the information you share, how you can get readers to synchronize and, more specifically, how your passion can improve your blog. After all, your readers have a connection with you that will attract them again for more.

Take for example, about me about Jessison. A little biography:

"I am bothered by seaweed in Southern California, although I prefer to read and make a good home." my mother's favorite quote "A creative mess is better than cleansing" and, therefore, my childhood work, music, and yes, much is spent on creating disruptions. "

See? A well-written and useful statement connects Jessen with his readers and connects them to the purpose of the blog.

5. What is your call to action?

Don't let your readers browse your page and click "Oh, this is good". Encourage them to visit other pages of your blog by providing links to more content, be it additional blog posts or social media. After all, more clicks are more like traffic.

And if it's still unclear, make sure my page is accessible and easy to navigate about you.

9. Give Features To Your Blog

Have you ever wondered on a website that it seems that it never left the initial markup on the Internet, the era of over-animation? Well, we have it.

Even if your site does not come out of rainbow colors and overcrowded designs, the design can unwittingly become a disappointing reader. Intelligent design makes your reader have a good experience that will be tempted to see it again. Never underestimate designs that are easy to use.

"A good site design is like preparing to write on a clean and beautiful table," said Lokner. "This is very important for you and for those who can go to this type of table, keep in mind that the design can not be complicated."

Based on the best work for your readers, be flexible and be ready to change the design of your blog.

Gervine said: "Keep learning and prepare to adapt always." "For example, we recently eliminated display ads on our site because they have a negative impact on our user experience." It may be discouraging to eliminate income sources and pivots, but for sustainable development, it is necessary, do not be afraid of change, but discover what is best for you and your readers. "

Look at friends or people outside your blog and consider some questions:

  • Is it outdated, confusing or "broken" or interesting, functional and attractive?
  • Is this cutter??
  • Does the site load quickly?
  • For the first time, visitors will know immediately what and how to navigate?

Try and use themes in WordPress for a real design, consult experts or contact designers to make sure your design is aesthetically pleasing. Trust us, all rotating graphics or animated mouse icons want it. Nothing.

10. Think Of Cell Phones

This is a very surprising number: 80 percent of Internet users have smartphones.

It is very likely that readers come to your blog on a mobile device, when they come to work, sit in the waiting room or do many miles on a treadmill. In addition to preparing a good design, it must also adapt to users of mobile devices.

"Blogs are read a lot when you travel, so consider a simple, minimalist design that is as good as your cell phone, in a cubicle," Lochner said.

Often, that means choosing a responsive template, but you can also use add-ons to customize the WordPress theme. In addition, you should consider the following:

  • If a pop-up window uses a voluntary subscription form or ad, can mobile users navigate around it?
  • Is Mobile Mobile Roaming Link?
  • Does your social media button work properly?
  • If the video is used, can the player work? Some mobile devices do not allow flash.
  • Is your comment forum still mobile friendly?
  • Does the slide show work?
  • Can users read Infographics?

And, in reality, for the effectiveness of the tools you must try, this is the only sure way to analyze your site. Use this useful tool from Google.

That is for today guies, tell your point of view in Comment Section!

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