5 Easy Method to Boost Your Presnol Home Wi-Fi| Increase WiFi Range

5 Easy Method to Boost Your Presnol Home Wi-Fi| Increase WiFi Range

Friends, today we will talk about 5 Wi-Fi, i.e. 5 tips that will increase your home's WiFi speed, and some problems will also be solved. Brother In the first place, only 3 things in our life were the importance of roti, cloth and house, but now another thing is added to it is the internet. Friends seem to be incomplete in case there is no internet. And nowadays you will see WiFi in every single home. Many Internet Service Providers install Modem / Router in our house and after that they are lying in the same corner for many months without touching. And nowadays, such a thing is that the brother "will not run for food once, but the internet should be done" haha So, let me tell you 5 tips today that will be your home's WiFi boost and how the issues of WiFi will be resolved.
5 Easy Method to Boost Your Presnol Home Wi-Fi| Increase WiFi Range
5 Easy Method to Boost Your Presnol Home Wi-Fi| Increase WiFi Range

5 Simple Tips to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi:

1. Better Placement:

 Never place WiFi in the center of the house, so that your WiFi's Coverage Improve will be the easiest way to keep WiFi's Network Coverage good. Many people keep WiFi in any corner of the house and it is difficult to get Range from it. Keep the Router forward in the middle of the house, which will get better coverage, and keep it away from other electronic items such as printers, microwave ovens, other routers etc.

2. Limit The Number Of Devices: 

Do your friends or guests come to party ?? And you do not want to share password with them ?? Then you can enable Guest Network on your Router. You'll see the Admin Setting> Wireless Tab in the Router, which will show the Tab of the Guest Network.
You can also name it, keep password, and how many people can use your WiFi, you can also set these numbers. And in many other Routers, you can do that, assuming that some device is sticking too much, its connectivity can be removed.
Once the party is over, you can disable the Guest Network. And no one can know your password after this. And you do not have to worry about anything.

3. Repeaters Better Range: 

You can not find the full coverage of the Router unless you are in a single room or studio apartment. You take your old Routers out and start using them, so that WiFi's signals will improve.
WPS Method is a very good way of Repeater, enable WPS in your Router, and press on WPS Button Repeater. Everything will be configured in just 1 minute. You will find many options of Router like D-LINK, TP-Link, NetGear, which have a cost of Rs 1000. If you have an old Router, then use it as a Repeater.

4. Change your WiFi Password Regularly:

 How often have you changed the password of WiFi ?? Or has the same password since WiFi installed? Those who have given the password so far, they will also use your WiFi till the end, and this reduces the speed of the WiFi. So that's why you should keep changing your WiFi password every 6 months.
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5. Try Using USB Router: 

Turn your eye on your Router and if you show a USB port there you can connect it to a Hard Drive or Printer and then it will be available for all Devices in Device Network, and after that All computers on the Network Tax will be able to access that Hard Drive or Printer.

So go to brother and try these 5 experiments and try these 5 Simple Tips, Boost Your Home Wi-Fi, find out if some of your work is easy.
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