15 Best Ways to Boost WordPress SEO on Your Website

15 Best Ways to Boost WordPress SEO on Your Website

You want as many Visitors as possible on your website, whether your goal is to inform entertainment news to readers, promote and Sell your work/products. In short, you receive the more visitors, the easier it will be to make a reliable audience.
15 Best Ways to Boost WordPress SEO on Your Website
Boost WordPress SEO on Your Website

But where did you start?

There are several ways to drive traffic to your site, but search engine optimization (SEO) is more effective. This is a collection of strategies and SEO. The purpose of this technique is to help you classify your pages in search engine results. Increase your site's visibility and can help close it.

What's more, there are many simple ways to improve your WordPress SEO site, even if you are a total beginner. In this publication, we will find 13 techniques that you can do Start using it immediately!

Introduction to SEO (and why it's important)

Think about it When you sit down to find something on the Internet, there is a place: a search engine. This means that if you want to see your website, You must ensure that it appears on Google searches and similar sites. The most important thing is that you want your site as close as possible to Top Of The List.

The best way to do this is through SEO, which is a variety of strategies and activities that we know how search engines rank them. Optimizing your site for search engines has several benefits, including the following:

  • Search engine results pages (SERPs) have the highest probability of getting high visibility and increasing traffic on the best ranked sites.
  • High ranking sites are more reliable and reliable.
  • This will present visitors with more useful and relevant information because SEO focuses on the production of quality materials.

If you are a total SEO beginner, don't press the panic button. When you create a WordPress website, you have taken a big step because this is profitable for the forum Search Engines Besides that, there are a number of simple and initially friendly ways to bring your WordPress site to the top. Let's see Now that method

15 Best Ways to Boost WordPress SEO on Your Website

When compiling a list of these SEO strategies, we start with an idea: you are busy. So this technique that you can apply now (long term Of course), there are many other techniques, but this is a good place to start. And remember: You don't have to use all this (Even though you can definitely do it): even some of your WordPress sites must be promoted on the SERP.

In addition, we will focus on specific advice on Google because by far the most popular search engine and produce more information about the algorithm. That He said many of these strategies must also help you on other sites like Yahoo Search or Bing.

1. Choose your hosting provider carefully

The hosting provider you choose is important for SEO. Because Google takes into account the speed of the site being assessed, so a good host can help you reach the top of the SERP. You The host also affects your site experience and the physical downtime between the server and visitors; Both are classification factors. Last but not At the very least, Google has given a little encouragement to the HTTPS site, you also need it.

If you have not created your website, then you want to choose a reliable host and have a reputation for outstanding performance. Also for existing sites, you If your provider doesn't currently meet these criteria then you can consider changing hosts.

The smart way to do this is with certain WordPress hosting packages. This fully managed package provides effective speed and low or no downtime. Plus and advanced users Get Jetpack Professional

2. Choose a theme that is optimized for search engines

Your theme is one of the most important options for your WordPress site. Determine the look and design of your site, you can provide new functions, And it also plays a role in your SEO. For example, your subject can affect the speed of your site, which is important (as we have discussed) is important. The way the theme is developed. This is also important because the clean code gives your site the best prospects in the SERP.

Therefore, when choosing a topic, you want to choose the one to choose from with SEO. These topics are often called 'SEO friendly'. You might also want to search Themes that specifically provide features designed to improve your SEO, such as new header label options. Fortunately, many themes are available accordingly Account

3. Use special SEO add-ons

If you are new to WordPress, you may still not be familiar with Add-ons. This is a small part of additional software that you can install, which adds new features and Functionality for your site Including the highest ranking in search engines is a supplement to help your site do almost anything. In fact, there are many add-ons Mainly designed to improve your site's SEO.

This add-on can provide small and specific features, such as creating a site map (we will talk more about it in seconds). For better results, you can also choose one A complete SEO plugin like Yoest SEO, which will add a set of features that focus on optimizing your site.

4. Change your 'Permalink' structure

Permanent links are permanent URLs that point to every post, page and other content on your site. People who will be used for their references and links The site, and its existence is very meaningful. Of course, descriptive links that describe their content are easy to understand and rank for search engines Increase.

WordPress provides a set of permanent permanent link options.

Some numbers (such as general and numerical options) are not ideal, because they send some useful information to search engines. On the contrary, You better do this with the structure of the message name, because it clearly communicates what content is linked. You can easily compile your permanent link (or One is optimized) by visiting the back-end of your site and navigating to Settings> Permalink.

5. Create a 'Sitemap'

Sitemaps are a list of all the pages and other content on your website, usually arranged in a hierarchy. Give a quick way to see how your site is presented And what is included in it, while this site map is designed to help users navigate on websites, the main goal is to send information to search engines Bot (also known as crawler).

While adding a sitemap to your website, your ranking does not increase directly in search engines, it remains a valuable SEO tool. Allows crawlers to see all pages Understand more about your site how they relate to each other. This makes it easier for search engines to index your site and present relevant content to users Search. Site maps are easy to add to WordPress: You can do this with special tools like Google XML Sitemap or with complete tools like Yoast SEO.

6. Use the title of the tag during your content

Although Site Maps is useful for helping search engine crawlers organize your site, it does not help them understand individual content. For that, You have to use title tags. This is a format option that you can apply in the internal title of the page and the publication.

You can see this configuration in this WordPress editor, Title 1 is listed as Title 2, and so on.

The use of this title completes two things to compile its contents. It provides visual benefits by breaking the text and making reading easier. Further, Crawlers pay close attention to the publication, to understand how its content is organized and what its content is. So, when you do publications and pages, do not forget to use the WordPress header options frequently and persistently

7. Make your content around keywords

Most likely, you have already discovered the concept of a keyword. These are short phrases that describe the subject of their content. For example, you can select keywords "Easy recipes" for blog posts that share simple recipe options for beginners. In doing so, he predicts that many people will write sentences Search engine while searching for this type of publication.

Choosing keywords for each publication or page and using them in different places, such as title, title and content itself, is a common way of communicating Increase the possibility of the search engine's crawler displaying its content on relevant topics and searches.

Of course, you want to be smart about using this tool. For example, you should avoid "keyword stuffing" or force your keywords to too many places. It sounds unnatural or spam.

8. Combination of useful internal and external links

Google and other search engines do not consider your website to be empty. Instead, they connect internally and with other sites, how good it is. Use many celebrity links in their publications and pages show how they relate to the same content. Encourage others to link back to your site, which is in it activate communication to search engines so that your content is valuable!

Like keywords, this is the strategy you want to use with care. If you break many links to your content or use many links that point to relevant pages or pages that are not relevant to promote only products, the ranking of your search engine may have to face.
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Instead, seek to combine the links where they fit naturally and direct readers to high quality websites that have been granted high positions in the SERP. Intelligent use of both internal links and external links are key to achieving the best SEO results.

9. Use a responsive design on your site

More people before surfing the Internet to use mobile devices This means that your site should look and work correctly on all types of visitor devices. To use You can guarantee it by following a responsive design strategy; In other words, design your site to react and be suitable for each user's device.

Receptive design is very important, so Google uses it as a classification factor. If your site is receptive, then the possibility of a high visualization in the SERP will be much better for WordPress users, the best way to start with responsive design is to select the theme that supports the theme (which is mainly if not more, then now). Just do not forget it. See also the SEO features of each theme!

10. Personalize your image

Important images for almost all websites. They provide visual appeal and context, as well as help to break the text and make reading easier. How can you courageously, they can affect your SEO too. On the one hand, the quality and size of your image can affect the loading speed of your page, which is a classification factor. Further, Crawler will see some information related to images, such as file names and "alternative text", when trying to index and understand your site.

Overcoming these two problems will help you improve your SEO. First of all, be sure to customize your images and other media, so that the effect is small your site can be shown. Then, give each image a descriptive file name and alternative text (bonus points if you use keywords in one or both places).

11. Write content for long when content is possible

When Google's algorithm decides how to classify content, then they pay special attention to its length. This does not mean that the small content never has a high rating. although, The long content benefits, because search engines consider it more likely to be useful. Plus, the higher your content, the better it can be communicate the topic to crawlers through keywords, titles, etc.

The more extensive content is also beneficial for the reader, it can increase their reliability and encourages visitors to spend more time on your site. So while creating the content, Try to do it as much as possible. There are several ways to do this, but "skyscraper technique" improves the existing material by making your content better integral: This is a method that is worth trying.

12. Add and update your publication frequently

Over time, Google's algorithms consider the frequency of content when deciding to rank your page. Old, high quality content will work properly, but new and "fresh" content which is probably more relevant to the search engine is encouraged.

Therefore, if you want your site to work consistently well at SERP, you want to add new content regularly. Try scheduling a publication to take care of yourself changes in the follow-up and the type of content that interests you and your visitors. Also, do not ignore old publications and upgrade pages. Current content tells the crawler to re-evaluate it and it gives more benefits than those pages that never change.

13. Focus on quality content

When Google and other search engine websites create complex algorithms to classify websites, the goal is to help the most relevant and most useful sites. That specific classification factors and their effects change over time, but the underlying issues remain consistent. If you want to see success with your SEO efforts, then you need instead of trying to fool the system, concentrate on creating quality content.

We have discussed long form content, which is a great way to improve the quality of your publications and pages. However, there are many other ways to achieve this for example, consider what your target readers want or want more, and concentrate on providing these things with their content. Also, remember the facts carefully review and correct what you add to your website: Important Details!

14. Author Bio Box Link Should Be No-Follow

This advice requires some explanation and there is no follow-up link after that.

  • Follow the link through the equity link in the search engines. That means they tell the search engine: "Hello, the page we link to is important." It directly affects search engine classification.
  •  Inactivity do not pass link equity links. When calculating the search engine's ranking, the search engine does not compute the "Do not follow" link. Google does not want to see you junk material to get a link The reader is not either.

To overcome this, Google issued a warning to bloggers that the author did not follow the links in the box. Even if your guest publication is legitimate and high quality, create a link for the biography box there are no precautions to prevent the occurrence of spam (because the search robot is sometimes not a matter between what is legitimate and what is not).

15 Make sure your content is Comprehensive

The entire blog post should really be necessary to discuss a topic.

Studies show that blog posts with at least 1,500 words are in a better position. In another study, Neil Patel claimed that there are 3,000 words. These studies tell us two things:

1. Search engines want their users to have a good experience.

2. Many words really need to cover most of the subject in the form of a whole (about 1,500 to 3,000 words or more).

This does not mean that you have to enter your content with filling in order to get a high number of words. This will not help you to create or sign useful content.

Transfer SERPs

Different types of strategies and techniques have been included in SEO, so it can be a bit scary. Fortunately, it is not necessary to be an SEO expert to help the ranking of the site in the SERP is high. If you want to start seeing results, just follow some simple tips.

Of course, choosing WordPress as a platform is the perfect first step to creating a well-optimized site. Then you must choose the right host, choose the appropriate theme and consider choosing one or more specific add-ons. With this strategy implemented, along with other suggestions in this list, you will continue to improve the visibility and traffic of your site.

Do you have a question about improving the WordPress SEO website? Tell us in the comments section below!

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