7 Tips and Tricks Fot Whatsapp Web| All Users Should Know

7 Tips and Tricks Fot Whatsapp Web| All Users Should Know

Friend, there are more than 20 million WhatsApp users in India. Because everyone has a smart phone now. And with the help of WhatsApp we can send messages to each other in all corners of the world. And WhatsApp can be used not only in smartphones but also in computers. Many people know how to use the WhatsApp website, if you do not know, I can tell you, find Web.Whatsapp.com on your computer and scan with your phone. But we just know, brothers, after that there are a lot of tips and advice WhatsApp site that is still not known, so it does not matter what we are sitting? LOL

I will tell you about 7 WhatsApp Web tips and tricks that will make you use Whatsapp on your computer as a bit more intelligent.
7 Tips and Tricks Fot Whatsapp Web| All Users Should Know
7 Tips and Tricks Fot Whatsapp Web| All Users Should Know

7 WhatsApp web tips and tricks that all users should know:

1. Learn the WhatsApp keyboard shortcuts

If you want to use WhatsApp in the best way, then you need to learn some keyboard shortcuts. After learning this, you can write fast as a ninja. LOL
These are some keyboard shortcuts:
You can also use Ctrl + Shift + Equivalent to enlarge or enlarge the text.

2. Write and look for Emoji from the keyboard

The messages without Emojis feel quite incomplete, right?
In this way, and for this we need to remove the mouse and insert Emoji in the Emoji option near Text and there is also a solution for this.

(Shift +; /: Key) then you write the first 2 words of Emoji, not "Key" so that the Emoji is there today.
I like it

: see th

: Look

And change to Arrow keys on the keyboard and Accept with Enter.

3. Automatically change emoticons to Emojis (or not)

For some Emojis you do not need Colon and Type Trick. Autoconverts classic WhatsApp text, but for some people, this automatic conversation seems very strange. And there is also a solution for it, that is, you need Usercript, which means WhatsApp emoticons, Conservator, and then install Tempermonkey in your browser, which manages Usercript. Next, go to WhatsApp Emoticon Preserver, click on the Install Blue button and update the WhatsApp Web tab.

4. Use more than one WhatsApp account on the same PC

Some people have 2 phones and both phones have different Whatsapp, or you can use multiple Whatsapps in a Dual SIM phone. But if you have 2 WhatsApp accounts running on your computer, there is a solution, but you can not log in separately in 2 tabs.

Solution 1: if you have opened Whatsapp in a window, open another window in incognito mode or use the Opera browser. And enter.

Solution 2: If you have to use two accounts in the same WhatsApp browser, then you go to dyn.web.whatsapp.com, it is a Top Whatsapp proxy web application, it is safe and also verified by Counsel Scam, this problem only sometimes Function, and you can not use more than 2 accounts.

5. Read the message without Blue Impression Notification

On the phone, we can also deactivate it, but there is a trick so that on the computer, if you are talking to someone and the message should be read without the blue check, then at the same time, another window file or the notebook is opened. notes and change its size. And let the cursor remain the same. From the computer where you will find that you are working in another window, and the message will appear in the background chat window and the blue mark will not even appear. When you think Blue Tick will arrive, open the chat correctly. This will allow you to develop only one chat. But you knew if you need this trick or not, if you have time to play, then try it. Hahah
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6. Obtain the WAToolkit extension for message preview

Chrome users get more features in WAToolkit. There are 2 tricks in the first one without blue error reading messages

Background notification: every time you receive a new message on WhatsApp, you do not need to change to WhatsApp Web Tab. The WAToolkit Badge icon shows us an unread message.

Total width of the chat bubble: in this case, you will see Texts of several lines in the same individual line in the desktop window. And you can use this Chrome Opera extension or another browser.

7. Extend the volume

You can not make voice calls from WhatsApp Web like Whatsapp on your phone. But you can definitely send voice messages. With Zapp Extension you can increase the volume of audio messages and you can also change the playback speed 2X.

Then, friends will finally say that if you use WhatsApp Web, then do all these tricks.

So, the people I love expect you to get a lot of information. If you like that publication, share it!

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