Xiaomi Mi First Gaming Headset Overview| All Topic Coverd

Xiaomi Mi First Gaming Headset Overview| All Topic Coverd

Xiaomi Mi First Gaming Headset Overview:
After two gaming devices such as Black Shark Smartphones and 15.6 Gaming Notebook Mi, Xiaomi released another game gadget. This time Xiaomi MI Gaming headsets offer good noise reduction feature with high quality sound and a classy (look) design.
First Gaming Headphone By Xiaomi
First Gaming Headphone By Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset: Design

This new headset design is simple, yet stylish. The body is made of matte black, with LED lines with bright colors on both sides. Colors can be adjusted using special PC-branded drivers and software. Sound settings that can be arranged and others are also there.
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You can connect Xiaomi Mi gaming headset to a computer via USB and also connect to a smartphone via 3.5 mm jack both Package Content Cables.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset: Hardware

The nominal power of the new headphones is 20 MW. It uses a 40-millimeter ammeter and a 7.1-channel virtual sound engine, which creates a three-dimensional stereo sound. The producer said that every wild person will really be heard. This will help a lot during the game. There are two microphones: to reduce the excess noise during a recording.

From gamers to gamers, the headset operating system will be able to work with Windows 7 and higher, but there is no support for Mac OS. Apart from this, we don't know about supported cellular systems like Android or iOS.


The fact is that we like MI piston 2 earphones, we are sure that MI headphones will be as good as not that good. But unfortunately, 5,49 9 is a lot of things for Rs to miss to ensure Jiami that they have products that match their profiles. This does not support basic noise cancellation, which is good for audio equipment, which is expensive.

We have but can never have Bose MI Headphones as expected, but of course they are at least MI 2-level pistons to provide quality 3D audio features, aspects of clarity are well closed but the bass performance is not so much.

At the same time, we see that instead of vacuuming to prevent outside noise, MI sound headphones drive leakage not the best thing that has ever met or come. However, Treble Notes looks much better, but only to hide obvious errors from a product that should be better than this.
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Determining the potential nature of MI headphones and listening to our favorite song series is easy for us, everything becomes more solid. During the soft classic Clapton Directors expect the veterans that Stratus to punch and Poijh, will be more effective at number banging the head will not be effective.

The thing with MI Headphones is here; This game is not smooth and returns are quite useful to satisfy your music tastes, but when you collect volumes; When entering money, the sound leak becomes the main headache, which discards them. This may seem harsh, but this is a real time use experience that we think is worth doing.
Classy Look of Xiaomi Mi First Gaming Headset Overview All Topic Coverd
Classy Look of Xiaomi Mi First Gaming Headset Overview All Topic Coverd

So, who actually has to use MI headphones? Let's start, that doesn't work properly. Because of the heavy bass level, EDM, it's hard to recommend rock or metal (people with a lot of Thnp), however, it might be a good chance that you enjoy the low notes of the most classic Tunes hitting the right place.

Additional pillow sets will provide comfort for different audiences depending on their needs. By trying headphones with different equalizer settings, we have helped identify strengths and potential deficiencies in the front of the output. Keep it normal and the results are hardly positive for these high priced audio products. Even though you will find it difficult to understand, don't choose jazz / rock / Treble mode, so the style and quality of their discrimination is audiophileLike it.

The build quality is very good with a very important set of add-on options bundled with out-of-box MI headphones. It's portable, insulated and easy to carry in a bag. The microphone selection headphones allow case scenarios from the dual purpose MI headphones.
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The MI headset suffers from original audio errors such as sound leakage, high bass levels in volume and lack of audio quality. For 5,499 rupees and also from brands like Xiaomi, we expect too much.


Jiami made Forres create Rs 5,49 9 MI headsets, which is not an area to associate brands in this country. Yes, MI headsets are designed with high design precision, which is also mentioned about the highest quality and portability.

It is said that the highest order MI, noise cancellation (to some extent) fails to minimize the minimum bid for the headset, instead we get the sound of a leak, which is never a good sign. Want to buy a headset

Mi Gaming Headset: Price

You can buy a Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset now for about $ 90. It's only sold in China, but I don't think that will be a problem, because there are so many Chinese online stores

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